Task Force Co Chairs

Dr. Dimitri Anastakis, Task Force Co-Chair
Vice-Dean, Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Jay Rosenfield, Task Force Co-Chair
Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Professions Education

Vice-Deans of the Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Salvatore Spadafora
Vice-Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education

Dr. Allan Kaplan
Vice-Dean, Graduate and Life Sciences Education

Vice-Presidents, Education

Dr. Patricia Houston
Vice-President, Education, St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. Ari Zaretsky
Vice-President, Education,  Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Faculty of Medicine Stakeholders

Dr. Jonathan Ailon
General Internal Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital

Peter Azmi, PhD
Continuing Professional Development, i+e Office

Tamara Bahr
Manager, Instructional Design, Postgraduate Medical Education

Nathan Bugden
eLearning Resources Educator, St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Teddy Cameron
Instructional Technology Design Analyst, Postgraduate Medical Education

Sam Chan
Associate Director, Discovery Commons

Dr. Chi-Ming Chow
Director, eLearning Innovation, Office of Integrated Medical Education

Joseph Ferenbok, PhD
Director, Translational Research Program in Health Science, IMS

Susan Glover Takahashi, PhD
Director, Education and Research, Postgraduate Medical Education

Dr. Maureen Gottesman
Medical Director, Physician Assistant Program

Nicole Harnett
Director, Medical Radiation Sciences Graduate Program

Debbie Herbert
Department of Occupational Sciences & Occupational Therapy

Judith Hunter, PhD
Dept. of Physical Therapy

Nohjin Kee, PhD
Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Simon Kitto
Director of Research, Continuing Professional Development/Wilson Centre Scientist

Janet Koecher
AV Lead, Discovery Commons

Dr. Marcus Law
Deputy Pre-Clerkship Director, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Heather MacNeill
Director, Medical Education, Bridgepoint Health

Dr. Clyde Matava
Undergraduate eLearning, Department of Anaesthesia, Hospital for Sick Children

Shamena Maharaj
Organizational Development Associate Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Kim Moran
Continuing Professional Development, i+e Office

Latika Nirula, PhD
Acting Director, Centre for Faculty Development

Joyce Nyhof-Young, PhD
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Chris Perumalla
Director of The Division of Teaching Laboratories (DTL), Faculty of Medicine

Stefan Powell
Continuing Professional Development

Wes Robertson
Director, Discovery Commons

Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss
Academic Director, Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Brian Simmons
Director, Standardized Patient Program

Sharon Switzer-McIntyre, PhD
Vice Chair, Education Dept. of Physical Therapy

Gordon Tait, PhD
Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE), Department of Anaesthesia, University Health Network

Christopher Townsend
Director of eLearning and LMS, Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Court Van Beek
Discovery Commons

University of Toronto Stakeholders

Clare Brett, PhD
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in CTL, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)

Michael Corrin
Biomedical Communications, Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE)

Laurie Harrison
Director of Online Learning Strategies, University of Toronto

Jim Hewitt, PhD
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Avi Hyman, PhD
Director, Academic & Collaborative Technology, University of Toronto

Lena Paulo Kushnir
Teaching and Technology Support (TTS) Office, Faculty of Arts & Science

Kurtis Scissons
University of Toronto Early Stage Technology Program

Faculty of Medicine Learners

Lucy Duan
MedSoc Clerkship Rep.

Rogeh Habashi

Ayesha Malik

Cindy Shen
MedSoc Clerkship Rep.

Dr. Dimitrios Tsirigotis

Dr. Kaif Pardhan


Administrative and Research Support/Project Management

Lindsey Fechtig
Administrative and Project Manager, Office of the Education Vice-Deans

Mary-Kay Whittaker
Project Manager, Postgraduate Medical Education

Lisa St. Amant
Research Assistant





Office of the Education Vice-Deans
1 King’s College Circle, RM 2346

Lindsey D. Fechtig
Project and Administrative Manager – Education Vice-Deans