The eLearning Task Force, co-chaired by Professors Dimitri Anastakis, Vice-Dean of Continuing Professional Development, and Jay Rosenfield, Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Medical Professions Education, was created to examine and evaluate existing eLearning resources, initiatives and opportunities in the Faculty of Medicine and the broader University to make strategic recommendations. The Task Force gathered information over several months through surveys, data collection and analysis, and focused stakeholder interviews, and undertook an internal assessment of eLearning scholarship, resources (including financial, technological, space and human resources), curricula design and implementation, awards and grants, and future requirements.

One of the core strengths of this project has been the high degree of collaboration between and among its many stakeholders. The eLearning Task Force’s membership was extensive. It spanned all of the portfolios and education units and represented undergraduate, postgraduate, graduate and adult learners. Representatives from the Faculty of Medicine and the wider university community were actively involved across working groups, and included learners, faculty members, administrators, and members of the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, Biomedical Communications program and the University of Toronto Innovations and Partnerships office. Community stakeholders were also involved in this project, and included representatives from St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and Sunnybrook Hospital.

This project has been a major undertaking and has resulted in the compilation of a wealth of information and perspectives on how the Faculty should move forward. By working both individually and collectively, the four working groups have constructed a detailed and multifaceted assessment of the current state of eLearning in the Faculty of Medicine.

The full eLearning Task Force report can be accessed here: eLearning Task Force Report January 2015

Your feedback is exceptionally valuable to us. As we move into the implementation phase of the recommendations, it will be important to ensure the ongoing participation and engagement of our Faculty of Medicine stakeholders. We invite you to share the unique eLearning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you perceive within your individual portfolio and learning environment by completing our ongoing SWOT analysis survey.We welcome frequent submissions and there is no upper limit on the number of contributions that you can make.





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