The How and Why working group focused on examining the current integration of eLearning across the Faculty of Medicine, particularly in terms of process, content, design, implementation and platforms.

To achieve this, the working group completed an inventory of current eLearning initiatives across the medical education continuum (e.g., Undergraduate Medical Professions, Postgraduate Medical Professions, Continuing Professional Development, Rehabilitation Sciences, Graduate and Life Sciences and Faculty Development); identified and assessed barriers to eLearning development; facilitated learner focus groups with participants spanning the medical education continuum; and conducted a focused literature review of the leading best practices in eLearning.

Members Included:

  • Dr. Jay Rosenfield, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Professions Education (Group Co-Lead)
  • Dr. Marcus Law, Deputy Pre-Clerkship Director, Undergraduate Medical Education (Group Co-Lead)
  • Nathan Bugden,  eLearning Resources Educator, St. Joseph’s Health Centre
  • Dr. Maureen Gottesman, Medical Director, Physician Assistant Program
  • Susan Glover Takahashi PhD, Director, Education and Research, Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Judith Hunter PhD, Dept. of Physical Therapy
  • Shamena Maharaj, Organizational Development Associate, Sunnybrook Health Sciences
  • Joyce Nyhof-Young PhD, Curriculum Evaluation Coordinator, Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Dr. Jonathan Ailon, Clinical Associate, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Christopher Townsend, Director of eLearning and LMS, Sunnybrook Health Sciences
  • Elena Springall, Gerstein Library


Full Working Group Findings:

How and Why WG Final Report

eLTF Learner Focus Group – Summary of Findings






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