The Structure, Finances and HR working group focused on examining and analyzing the financial investment in eLearning across the Faculty of Medicine and identifying opportunities for the coordination of resources.

To achieve this, the working group completed an inventory of existing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; disseminated a Faculty-wide eLearning survey; examined current  space allocated for eLearning (e.g., simulation spaces and computer labs); and completde an inventory of available  grants and awards established to celebrate and support the development of eLearning initiatives.

Members Included:

  • Dr. Dimitri Anastakis, Vice-Dean, Continuing Professional Development
  • Dr. Heather MacNeill, Director of Medical Education at Bridgepoint Hospital and the Director of COIL
  • Ms. Kim Moran, Continuing Professional Development


Full Working Group Findings:

Structures Finances and HR WG Final Report





Office of the Education Vice-Deans
1 King’s College Circle, RM 2346

Lindsey D. Fechtig
Project and Administrative Manager – Education Vice-Deans